In April 1981 Dan Everard started the design of a revolutionary power-chair for his seventeen month old disabled daughter so that she would learn things in step with her peers.

People started to ask for chairs like the original 'Yellow Peril' for children that they knew, so the idea was production engineered to create the 'Turbo' from which the 'Dragon' for adults and 'SnapDragon' for children were eventually developed.

Thirty four years later Dan Everard's team have delivered the 2,000th machine of this type and, to celebrate this, 2,000 sponsored balloons will be released at a party at the end of the campaign.

Campaign Updates

26-06-15 Two thousandth machine delivered!

07-04-15 In the process of putting up our new website ... this one!

25-03-15 Breaking News!
We welcome Aldi as our latest
sponsor of 2000 Lives Set In Motion....

See the person, not the chair

Some of the lives who have benefited directly from Dan’s engineering.


Balloons, Sponsors & Supporters :

- SolidWorks   ...   - Citrix R&D Ltd   ...   - Swizzels Matlow Ltd   ...   - Swinton Insurance   ...   - Axiom-e Ltd   ...   Remembering Sam Everard   ...   Ian & Iris Pattison   ...   - Uppingham School   ...   for Maria McClellan   ...   - Solid Solutions Ltd   ...   for Bryony Merivale   ...   - Grant Thornton   ...   Minuteman Press   ...   for Michelle "The kindest person I knew"   ...   - Pioneer Business Systems   ...   In memory of Robert Malcolm Everett   ...   - Cambridge Building Society   ...   Kate, Sean and Louis   ...   Carrie and all at 50th Generation   ...   Dr James Ellis   ...   - Stagecoach East   ...   "For our Daughter, Mayella Coogan, who has gained so much more than just mobility"   ...   - Fluent Events Ltd   ...   Colin and Judy Wood   ...   - Able Magazine   ...